Niels Sakko is an international Music Producer, Songwriter and Mixing- and Mastering Engineer based in Enschede, The Netherlands

Niels loves to be versatile within the commercial pop music, ranging from soft ballads to crazy uptempo songs.

Apart from making music, Niels is also active as co-founder of Writers Off The Block (international writingcamps) and 830 Music Group (Record Label).



Niels Sakko (24) was born in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

His love for music started early on, starting to play on his cousin’s keyboard at the age of 8. After getting his own keyboard to play at home, it inevitably resulted in playing the piano for about 8 years, developing a knowledge and feeling about- and for music.

At the age of 11, Niels was hugely inspired by the rise of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), that became very populair in that period, and fell in love with the genre. At the age of 15 (2015), a new urge was born; creating entire songs instead of just playing on one instrument.

Music production started to become a part of Niels’ musical journey. In 2020, he got selected for the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Enschede, The Netherlands. EDM productions have transitioned over to a variety of modern (electronic) pop-songs. His dream is to reach as many people as possible with his harmonic and melodic creations.


Music Production (Bachelor)

ArtEZ University of the Arts

830 Music Group


Minor Mastering

ArtEZ University of the Arts

Writers Off The Block

Co-Founder & Organizor